NEW! Thirsties Onesize/Size 2 Nappies

Thirsties Onesize All-in-one nappies have a waterproof outer, a stay-dry or organic cotton inner lining with an attached absorbent inner.  Available with snap or hook/loop closure.  Fits approx. 8-40lbs.  

The Thirsties Natural Onesize Pocket Nappy has a waterproof outer, an organic cotton inner and a pocket to add the absorbency.  Each nappy comes with a onesize organic cotton insert.  Fits approx. 8-40lbs.

The Thirsties Duo consists of a trim fitting nappy wrap, used with lay-in Duo inserts, to give a customisable all-in-two system.   The Size 2 fits approx. 18-40lbs.  Duo wraps and inserts are sold separately.

Made in the USA