Junior / Toddler / XL Nappy Wraps

Nappy wraps for older babies, or those who have outgrown Onesize nappies


Not all items are transferred over yet.  Most items are still in their individual item categories:

  • Bells Bumz Z-wrap Junior Plus: https://www.kingdomfluff.co.uk/bells-bumz-z-wrap-c-1048
  • Motherease Duo XL Wraps: https://www.kingdomfluff.co.uk/wizard-duo-nappy-wrap-c-618
  • Motherease Airflow XL Wraps: https://www.kingdomfluff.co.uk/motherease-air-flow-c-671
  • Petite Crown Catcher Wrap: https://www.kingdomfluff.co.uk/petite-crown-wrap-c-1068
  • Seedling Comodo Wrap Plus: https://www.kingdomfluff.co.uk/seedling-comodo-plus-c-999
  • Thirsties Duo Wrap Size 3: https://www.kingdomfluff.co.uk/thirsties-duo-wrap-c-738



Motherease Airflow Wrap: White: XXL

Motherease Airflow Wrap: White: XXL

Motherease Air Flow Nappy Wrap Colour: White   The Motherease Air Flow wrap is a lightweight, breathable waterproof fitted nappy wrap. Available in 5 sizes, the Air Flow works well with the... more