Bedbug Plus - Junior - Gothic GirlBedbug Plus - Junior - Gothic GirlBedbug Plus - Junior - Gothic Girl

Bedbug Plus - Junior - Gothic Girl

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The Bedbug Plus night nappy gives more absorbency than the standard Bedbug nappy.  With dyed bamboo velour outer and natural organic bamboo velour inner, the Bedbug Plus comes with 2 lay-in contour soakers, plus an additional small soaker which can be placed in the wet zone for extra absorbency.  All soakers are topped with natural organic bamboo velour and have an organic bamboo fleece core.  The nappy itself has a 2.5 layer organic bamboo fleece core.

Colourway:  Gothic girl

Size Junior (rise: 23", weight: up to 60lb+, waist: 16-27")

Regular width


Please note:

Bedbugs will fit a slightly larger range due to the extreme stretch of the bamboo velour fabrics.  * The weight ranges given above are approximate.  If you are unsure of the size required, we would advise measuring your baby's waist and rise (for information on how to do this, please see here) rather than relying on the weight guide alone.

These are fitted nappies which do not have a waterproof layer, and although they will be absorbent enough for some babies to use without, we would recommend the use of a separate waterproof nappy wrap.