NEW! Ella's House Bumhugger: Grey HeartsNEW! Ella's House Bumhugger: Grey Hearts

Ella's House Bumhugger: Grey Hearts

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The Ella's House Bumhugger is a super-absorbent hemp fitted nappy with a stay-dry fleece inner.  Available with snaps or hook/loop fastening and comes in 3 sizes:

  • S: 3-7kg (6.6lbs-15.4lbs)
  • L: 7-15kg (15.4lbs-33lbs)
  • XL: 15kg (33lbs) and over

(sizes are approximate)

* Please note this nappy requires the use of a waterproof wrap/cover over the top


The body of the nappy is made entirely from hemp/cotton fleece (55% hemp/45% cotton) for incredible absorbency.  Now with a pull-out soaker, for quicker drying.

The inner of the nappy is fully lined with 100% polyester fleece.  Liquid soaks through the polyester into the hemp/cotton fleece on the outside, while the polyester (naturally hydrophobic) stays almost dry to the touch.

Gentle elastics at the legs and back of the waist help with fit and containment.

* Please note that the print fleece goes on the inside of the nappy, with the plain hemp on the outside.