Buttons Nappy Inserts/Boosters

Buttons Nappy Inserts/Boosters

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* Image for illustration only: inserts are sold individually

Buttons inserts are designed for use with Buttons nappy wraps/covers.  

Daytime inserts: choose from hemp/cotton (4 layers of 55% hemp/45% organic cotton with a stay-dry layer) or bamboo/cotton* (5 layers of 70% bamboo/30% organic cotton)

  • Small inserts fit approx 7-15lbs (inserts are 11" in length) 
  • Large inserts fit approx 15-25lbs (insert are 13" in length)
  • XLarge inserts fit approx 25-40lbs (inserts are 15" in length)

Simply snap the inserts into your Buttons nappy wrap for a customisable nappy system!

* Please note these measurements are pre-washing and both inserts will shrink after washing.  Bamboo inserts will shrink more than the hemp inserts, so you may wish to upsize

Night-time boosters:

Buttons night-time boosters are ideal for adding extra absorbency.  Simply snap underneath the Buttons daytime inserts.  *Night boosters have snaps on both sides, therefore can't be used on their own, as the top snap would be directly against the skin *
Choose from:  Hemp/cotton (5 layers of 55% hemp/45% organic cotton) or bamboo/cotton

Available in sizes:

  • Small: fits approx 7-15lbs (inserts are 12" in length)
  • Large: fits approx 15-25lbs (inserts are 14" in length)
  • XLarge: fits approx 25-40lbs (inserts are 15" in length)

* Please note the night-time boosters are designed for using with the daytime insert on top.  Only the daytime insert has a stay-dry layer.


Need to check which size of inserts/boosters you have?  Sizes and type of insert are determined by the stitch colour: