Blueberry Coverall Onesize Wraps

The Blueberry Coverall is a highly economical and functional nappy wrap.  It can be used over all kinds of nappies including your prefolds, flat or shaped/fitted nappies.

Blueberry Coveralls are made from a lightweight waterproof fabric with a laminated interior (PUL).  The inside of the wraps can easily be wiped clean/dry and re-used immediately (provided is isn\'t soiled).  There are gussets at the legs to give protection from leaks.  The leg openings and back of Blueberry Coveralls are gathered with latex-free elastic and covered by soft bindings keep to keep baby\'s skin comfortable.

Nice and simple, the Blueberry Coverall comes in just one size to fit babies from usually a few weeks of age until potty training.  Weight range from 10-40lb (4.5-18Kg).  It will fit a waist range of 9-21\" (23-53cm), thighs of 4-12.5\" (10-32cm) and the the rise/height of the nappies adjusts from 13.5\" (34cm) to 18.5\" (47cm).

Fasten the rise snaps down to the smallest size to fit babies from around 10-18lb (4.5-8.2Kg).  The medium setting will fit from around 15-30lb (6.8-13.6Kg).  Do not snap the wrap down at all to use it on it\'s largest setting to fit from around 25-40lb (11.4-18.2Kg).

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