Bambooty Easy Nights - Roadworks

Bambooty Easy Nights - Roadworks

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Bambooty Easy Nights are:
  • highly versatile all in one night nappies which are easy to dry, easy to use, easy to boost and comfortable
  • stain resistant - the suede-cloth lining helps baby to feel dry, or switch to the bamboo flap on top for natural fibres next to the skin
  • made with absorbent, heavy duty bamboo/organic cotton and microfibre inserts flaps, making them fast drying and easy to customise for boys, girls and tummy sleepers
  • Ideal for night time use for most babies, or for daytime use for heavier wetters

Size Guide:

Medium 5kg - 11.5kg
Large From 10kg
Extra Large From 11kg


New Extra Large night nappies are designed as a high rise nappy for older toddlers and children at night time.

Please note -

  • These charts are provided as a guide only.
  • Bambooty’s easy nappies are designed to be a trim fit.
  • If in doubt, we recommend upsizing