Applecheeks Envelope Cover: Size 2: Santa Paws

Applecheeks Envelope Cover: Size 2: Santa Paws

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AppleCheeks is an all-in-two nappy system made in Canada.

Consisting of a waterproof cover and choice of inserts (sold separately), the Applecheeks nappy system can be used in 3 ways.  Use the cover as a wrap for a washable nappy, use it as a pocket nappy, or as an all-in-two with either the Applecheeks micro-terry or bamboo cotton inserts.

AppleCheeks covers have a waterproof outer and super-soft fleece lining, with an envelope opening.  The Size 2 Cover fits from approx 16-35lbs

If your baby weighs over 30lbs, you might want to consider the Size 3 cover

* Inserts sold separately: you can add an insert to your Envelope Cover here (1 insert per cover purchased) and additional inserts can be purchased here.