Violets Nursery Washing Up Liquid Lemongrass & Fennel

Violets Nursery Washing Up Liquid Lemongrass & Fennel

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100% natural - Vegan certified - concentrated - non toxic - biodegradable

When this ends up down the Drain, Mother Earth is the one to GAIN.

Sunday Telegraph says "chemicals from household detergents get into our river systems and into the sea, damaging fish as well as delicate marrine eco systems. Do the washing up instead with fennel or ginger and lime scented eco washing up liquid from Home Scents."

Naturally safe for hand washing up Baby & Toddler bowls, cups, plastic  etc.

100% Natural ingredients all listed on our labels including plant viscosity agent, plant surfactant, pure minerals plus essential oils specifically chosen for their natural antimicrobial, antiseptic, and bactericidal properties.

Ingredients: Northumberland water - Coconut surfactant - Sugar Beet surfactant - Citric - Sodium - Lemongrass & Fennel essential oils.