gPant: Garden LavendergPant: Garden Lavender

gPant: Garden Lavender

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gNappies are colourful nappy covers called gPants which can be used with either a reusable or disposable insert.

Each pair of gPants comes with a snap-in waterproof pouch (inserts are sold separately).

Reusable inserts (gCloth) have 2 layers of microfleece, 2 layers of hemp/cotton and fit perfectly inside gPant pouches with no need for folding.

gNappies disposable inserts are also available and sold in 2 sizes for a perfect fit inside the gPant pouch.

Size Guide:

  • Small: approx 8-14lbs (3-7kg)
  • Medium: approx 13-28lbs (5-13kg)
  • Large: approx 26-36lbs (11-16kg)
  • Extra Large: approx 33lbs+ (15kg+)

* Please note the XL size is limited to one per household