Buttons Cotton Birdseye Flat NappiesButtons Cotton Birdseye Flat Nappies

Buttons Cotton Birdseye Flat Nappies

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Buttons flat cloth nappies

100% unbleached cotton birseye squares

Each square measures approx 68.5cm x 68.5cm (27" x 27") prior to prewashing.

Onesize fits all (approx 6-30lbs)

Use as a folded nappy and fasten with a nippa or pin (fastenings sold separately), fold and use as a pad nappy inside a cover, or use as an absorbent insert.  Also work well as dish towels and all-purpose cleaning cloths.

Washing instructions:

Machine wash warm, line dry or tumble on dry heat.  For nappies to reach full absorbency, wash and dry 3 times before use.

Sold individually or in packs of 6