NEW! Bumgenius Pail Liner: My Moon

NEW! Bumgenius Pail Liner: My Moon

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Keep your nappy bin clean with the bumGenius Pail Liner. The elastic top band helps hold the liner in place around the top of your nappy bin.

My Moon was created while thinking about the special moments you share with your little one at night.
This print sings "You are my moon and stars" with a colour palette of dark blue, Mirror, Butternut, Noodle and White to inspire sweet dreams.


Pail liners are a great way to store your dirty nappies and reusable wipes until laundry day, then just toss it in the wash with your nappies.

The pail liner features:

    • Waterproof PUL fabric
    • Elastic top band holds liner in place
    • Compatible with most nappy bins
    • Waterproof and durable
    • Reusable and planet-friendly
    • Saves money
    • Wash with your nappies
    • Dimensions:  26” x 30”