40% OFF! GEN-Y Next GEN Universal Wrap: Acoustic

40% OFF! GEN-Y Next GEN Universal Wrap: Acoustic

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The Next GEN Universals are trimmer, slimmer, and fit longer than the original. GEN-Y kept all the things you love: wipe-clean/ air-out inside, double leg gussets that are the best in the business, stay-put U shaped flaps that hold inserts snugly, and highly adjustable waist, leg, and rise snaps. Next GEN Universals have a higher rise, a more accommodating leg, and an all over trimmer cut than the original to keep you and baby happy: every use, every day!

The Universal Cover is designed to give you the ultimate in flexibility, as it can be used with almost any type of absorbent nappy including, inserts, prefolds, fitted nappies, disposable inserts....you name it!
GEN-Y covers are uniquely constructed and the outer cotton layer is not laminated directly- so you get all the soft and hard-wearing qualities of cotton, but without the risk of wicking!
Specially shaped inner flaps on the front and back work perfectly to hold any lay in or insert in place, and because these are a polyester knit they stay clean and fresh much longer than the cotton/bamboo flaps of other similar nappy designs. In addition, a unique gathered front allows you the room you need to use with fitteds or contour nappies.
Inner leg gussets contain anything your child can dish out. Our super soft polyester/ spandex jersey binding is gentle and comfortable against your baby's skin.
A snap down rise and highly adjustable legs and waist mean you need just two sizes for the perfect fit from birth to potty.
The GEN-Y covers are side-snapping- this makes for superior adjustability across the waist and leg settings- you can snap the waist and the legs exactly where you need to for a perfect fit everytime!  
Wipe-clean or air-out inside so you can reuse until soiled. Poly-resin snap closures allow air circulation, are more difficult for your baby to undo, and won't snag or wear out with time.
Machine wash/ dry with your other nappies... What's not to love?
And even better than all of that- GEN-Y like to keep things fresh, and so release new and unique prints every couple of months! Not only does that make life that little bit more fun, but it also ensures that your covers hold a high re-sale value as parents seek out their desired, but discontinued prints!


Size 1:  13-16" rise, 5-10" leg, 11-18" waist, approx 6-18lbs

Size 2:  16-19" rise, 12-14" leg, 14-23" waist, approx 18-38lbs