NEW! Blueberry Onesize Deluxe: Socks

NEW! Blueberry Onesize Deluxe: Socks

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Blueberry Onesize Deluxe 

Print: Socks

Pocket Nappy with organic cotton inserts

Available in snap fastening only

Fits most babies from approx 10-35lbs (4.5-16kg)



The Blueberry Deluxe has 2 rows of snaps for adjusting the size, an outer layer of laminated polyester knit keeps wetness in, and an inner layer of high quality microfleece keeps baby’s bottom dry.

All nappies come with 2 organic cotton inserts (a smaller/newborn insert, and a bigger/longer insert). The small insert is ideal for newborns/younger babies, and can also be used as a booster when extra absorbency is desired. 

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