Best Bottom Bigger Nappy Shell: Paddy Plaid

Best Bottom Bigger Nappy Shell: Paddy Plaid

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The Bigger Best Bottom one-size nappy system is easy to snap together and go. You choose the reusable insert that works for your baby. Leg gussets guard against leaks. The Bigger Best Bottom shell provides a roomier fit compared to the original Best Bottom nappy - with 1.5" added to the waist and 1" added to the length of the rise.

How Does The Best Bottom System Work?

Simplify, simplify, simplify! Many may start researching cloth nappies, get overwhelmed and quit. Best Bottoms are YOUR solution! So easy to use yet comes with lots of options so you can get a customised system for your baby.

  1. Adjust front snaps to achieve the size needed.
  2. Snap insert into nappy.
  3. Put nappy on baby and go!
  4. When baby needs a nappy change snap out soiled insert and snap clean one in.
  5. Put nappy on baby and go AGAIN. The Best Bottom shell is wipe-able and can be used multiple times before washing, you may want to air dry between uses but it is not necessary.


Best Bottom Diapers - Easy to Use!
Best Bottom Diapers - An Inside Look


The Bigger Best Bottom nappy shell is designed to fit babies 10-45+ lbs. Special leg gussets to help keep everything in, adjustable rise with four settings, and overlapping snap closure. After the nappy is on, pull the leg gussets out around baby's legs. This will guard against leaks and help avoid any red marks.


Best Bottom Washing Instructions

Oh so easy!!

  1. Remove solids
  2. Reuse the shell until soiled or wash day. Separate shell from insert before washing. Fasten laundry tabs (if applicable).
  3. Do a cold rinse or cold quick wash (no detergent).
  4. Warm or hot (not sanitary) full wash with additive-free detergent (use detergent's recommended amount). Use the most amount of water possible. 
  5. Extra rinse.
  6. Inserts can be tumble dried on low. Shells should be line dried or tumble dried on low heat. 
    *No fabric softeners, dryer sheets or additives such as bleach, vinegar, baking soda, washing soda, borax, oxyclean, etc. should be used. 
    **Rash creams can only be used with a barrier between baby and the nappy.